Terms and some not so cool phrases

Rad or Radical

Term used by some but not by us.

Randonee Or Rando

The act of going for a hike (for us that means in the snow with skis on) You can do this with your parents.

Ski Touring

The search for the best snow conditions and terrain. Activity for groups. Not your average ski holiday for people who are not average.


Sticky strips of carpet you attach to the base of your skis. They grip and allow you to walk uphill with your skis on.


Spikey gripper viscious metal feet that either are attached to your bindings or that can be attached to your bindings for when it gets steep.


Not answering that.

Cham (Promounced Sham)

The name some people use For Chamonix..Not us.

Pow (Pronounced Pow)

The word some people use for powder. Definitely not us. But if you want to use it in context

”we had a rad time in Cham because there was loads of pow” <chokes>


Someone who uses the term above and who has no understanding or respect for the mountains. Someone incapable of standing quietly at the summit in awe of their achievement and the beauty of this planet we live on.

Spiritual, amazing, fun, educational, relaxed (not chilled), challenging, luxurious, holiday.

Terms used by people recently back from a ski touring break

Best Turns

A measurement of what one receives when one books onto a www.GoSkiTouring.com course.